Nauta Capital Management

A Partner of the   Avantulo Group

  •   Nauta Capital Management Limited is a Division of the Avantulo Limited Group, a Hong Kong based portfolio company (Nauta or Avantulo) which has an investment p​ortfolio consisting of strategic corporations and projects that support a more sustainable environment and knowledge based financial ecosystem.
  •   We have achieved this goal with our various patent technologies with our Partners as outlined in this web-site for your review.
  •   Nauta-Avantulo Group and its Global Partners have agreed to work together to increase the impact of their partner’s charter by using the financial and operational infrastructure that exists within the Avantulo Group. 
  •   We are leveraging our resources for international transactions in many different ways including Real Estate and Financial Instruments. If you are in need of project financing, you can use our resources where we can provide a secure exit through a joint venture.
  •   We are focused on providing a high-quality service and - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
  •   We are looking for transactions that lack your collateral to move forward. 

  •   We have spent many years in search of various new green technologies to introduce into today's demanding marketplace.

  •   We guarantee everything we deliver.